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OPS Lab Technican 57130306 - WH-LAB 6 St. Johns
The Whitney Laboratory for Marine Bioscience seeks candidates for a part-time (16-25 hours per week) marine invertebrate animal husbandry laboratory technician.
Veterinary Care Technician I 11800000 - OR-ANIMAL CARE SERVICES Main Campus (Gainesville, FL)
The Veterinary Care Technician I reports to the Vet Care Manager and Clinical Veterinarian. Provides veterinary care to a wide range of species of animals including (but not limited to) mice, rats, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, cats, dogs, sheep, goats, horses, pigs, non-human primates, amphibians, reptiles, pigeons, chickens, cattle, etc. Some animals may be experimentally infected. Employee may be required to be vaccinated to work with these animals or enter their rooms. Need excellent animal record keeping skills, interpersonal communication skills. This requires a basic knowledge of standards set forth by the USDA and the Natl Resch Council guide for care & use of lab animals. Some species are potentially aggressive and some may carry infections that are hazardous to humans or other animals.
Biological Scientist I 60740000 - AG-EREC-BELLE GLADE Palm Beach
This Biological Scientist position assigned to the University of Florida / Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (IFAS) Everglades Research and Education Center (EREC) in Belle Glade, Florida with primary work station at the USDA-ARS Sugarcane Field Station in Canal Point, Florida has field, greenhouse, laboratory, and computer duties. The major research actives to be supported are to: 1. Conduct the final yield testing stage (Stage 4) of a cooperative sugarcane cultivar testing program; 2. Rate disease symptoms and collect plant and tissue samples; 3. Plant, map and maintain experimental populations of sugarcane; 4. Operate sampling machinery, collect, tabulate and analyze data; 5. Prepare reports for Stage 4 and new released cultivars.
Biological Scientist II - Neurological Surgery 29190000 - MD-NEUROLOGICAL SURGERY Main Campus (Gainesville, FL)
Due to laboratory growth, the Neuro-oncology lab in the Department of Neurosurgery is seeking an experienced Biological Scientist II to partner with the PDX Biological Scientist III and Principal Investigator to build and maintain the PDX bank.
Biological Scientist II – Cell Biologist 29030101 - MD-BIOCHEMISTRY-GENERAL Main Campus (Gainesville, FL)
The Caglayan lab in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology is currently accepting applications for a Biological Scientist II. This position will be responsible for conducting molecular biological and biochemical experiments including cell viability and DNA repair assays of cultured mammalian cells in response to DNA damage inducing agents, and small-molecule inhibitors, flow cytometry-based detection of Y-H2AX, gene expression knockdown or genetic knockout experiments with CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing. This is a temporary TEAMS position, one-year appointment with possibility of extension.
Biological Scientist II - UF Neuromedicine Brain Bank 29700100 - MD-UFCTRND GENERAL Main Campus (Gainesville, FL)
The Biological Scientist II will be responsible to help manage many vital functions of the laboratory including helping train and supervise other lab members. The candidate will also be integrally involved in procedures and management of the UF Neuromedicine brain bank. In addition, he/she will organize and manage large colonies of transgenic or gene targeted mice. Duties will encompass extensive genotyping of transgenic or gene targeted models, behavioral phenotyping of murine models of neurodegenerative diseases, quantification of proteins using molecular or neuropathological techniques, and organization and maintenance of mouse colony records, database, tissue, and lab supplies.
Biological Scientist II 28090000 - VM-SACS Main Campus (Gainesville, FL)
This position is in the College of Veterinary Medicine, Small Animal Clinical Sciences. The Biological Scientist will report to Dr. Autumn N. Harris, principal investigator. The purpose of this position is to assist in original research studies evaluating aspects of renal physiology, primarily studying renal structure-function relationships, and will also provide support for clinical veterinary renal research in dogs and cats. Duties will be focused on histological procedures (morphologic and immunocytochemical studies), immunoblot blot analysis, PCR, ELISA and other laboratory techniques. This work requires initiative, attention to detail and determination in all tasks. Time management, organization skills, and the ability to multi-task are necessary. The individual will be expected to execute experiments and work independently. Experience with IACUC, CRCC, EH&S, and CLP policies will be needed. The individual will comply with all safety and regulatory requirements to assure the safe and proper functioning of the laboratory.
Biological Scientist I 28050000 - VM-PHY SCI Main Campus (Gainesville, FL)
Newly established lab in the Department of Physiological Sciences in College of Veterinary Medicine. The candidate will conduct experiments largely focused in bladder biology and neuroscience. Major duties will include providing support for research by conducting experiments, collecting and analyzing results and performing operational duties associated with the laboratory, animal or human research in the natural, health, physical and social sciences. May be involved in one or more aspects of conducting research or may manage/direct staff responsible for conducting research.
Lab Equipment Operations Technical Staff 60070000 - AG-AGRICUL / BIOLOGICAL ENG Main Campus (Gainesville, FL)
Lab Equipment Operation, Maintenance and Documentation: This person will be expected to maintain lab equipment and train people on the proper operation of that equipment. This will include, but is not limited to, gas chromatography, ICP, mass spectrometry, autoclaves, MS-GC, centrifuges, and HPLCs. This person will serve as the primary contact for lab safety in the ABE department. They will attend College level safety committee meetings and coordinate trainings and inspections with Environmental Health and Safety. They will be responsible for hazardous and biological waste disposal, regular inspections of the lab spaces and keeping the proper laboratory safety related documentation up to date. The person will work with students in a laboratory classroom setting and in a research setting. Lab Supply Purchasing: This person will assist with purchasing chemicals, gases, laboratory equipment, and safety equipment for the department.
Biological Scientist I 29290100 - MD-EMERGENCY MED-CLINICAL Main Campus (Gainesville, FL)
The position will be responsible for assisting research faculty in the conducting research projects involving a wide range of laboratory work related to brain injury and neuromedicine related study. Specific duties would include animal work (surgery, behavioral test, transgenic mice maintenance & genotyping), cell culture work, ELISA (commercial or homebrew), molecular cloning, immunoblotting, immunohistochemistry, neuroimaging as well as working with research partners, collecting and analyzing data, preparing manuscripts, participating in management of research facilities (IACUC inspection, IACUC protocol writing), making lab purchases, and other laboratory maintenance tasks. The individual will have low degree of autonomy in designing and implementing the research experiments and completing the data report.The individual will also be expected to assist in the mentoring and supervision of students and lower entry-level lab members. The individual will prepare reports of research progress, attend and present at research group meetings to discuss research results, plan future research activities, discuss performance progress and future research plans with the supervisor. The individual should have ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with others.
Biological Scientist II 28100000 - VM-INFECT DISEASE & IMMUNOLOGY Main Campus (Gainesville, FL)
This position responsibilities include management of the administration part of lab operations, construction of retroviral vectors for gene transfer and development of targeted therapy to prevent the replication of immunodeficiency viruses, studies of HIV latent infection. Performs various laboratory techniques, including DNA and RNA manipulations, PCR assays, Western Blots, vector and virus infection of animals, tissue cultures viral and immunological assays, and sampling animals for in vivo and in vitro testing. Responsible for maintaining and improving laboratory protocols. Assist with grant and research paper writing. Supervise laboratory personnel and trains new graduate students and post docs. Maintains laboratory records.
Biological Scientist II - Neuroscience 29020100 - MD-NEUROSCIENCE-GENERAL Main Campus (Gainesville, FL)
Department of Neuroscience is seeking candidates for a Biological Scientist II position. Responsible for designing and performing molecular and cell biology experiments and clone genes to accomplish goals for the laboratory. Managing laboratory by ensuring EH&S and IACUC compliance requirements are met, ordering, routine record keeping, radiation surveys, supervising compliance with hazardous waste and biological safety requirements, inventory, maintaining stock solutions including cell culture media and common buffers.

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