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Postdoctoral Associate - Bhaduri-McIntosh Lab 29093000 - MD-PEDS-INFECTIOUS DISEASES Main Campus (Gainesville, FL)
The Bhaduri-McIntosh lab at the University of Florida seeks a highly motivated Postdoctoral Research Associate to join a team of scientists that are using a cancer-causing virus to dissect DNA replication, DNA damage, and DNA repair.
Post Doctoral Associate, Computational Biology in Microbiology 60100000 - AG-MICROBIOLOGY / CELL SCI Main Campus (Gainesville, FL)
The Microbiology & Cell Science department is searching for a Post Doctoral Associate in Computational Biology to develop software and statistical methods to analyze data.
Postdoctoral Associate - Powell Gene Therapy Center 29092800 - MD-POWELL GENE THERAPY CENTER Main Campus (Gainesville, FL)
Drs. Byrne and Corti at the Powell Gene Therapy Center of the University of Florida, Department of Pediatrics, are seeking a highly motivated Postdoctoral Associate to be involved with cutting edge studies in muscular dystrophy and inherited ataxia. These studies emphasize both basic and translational research, and the ideal candidate will have experience in molecular and cell biology with expertise in tissue culture and animal models of muscle and neurologic disease.
Postdoctoral Associate 19020000 - EG-MECHANICAL / AEROSPACE ENG Main Campus (Gainesville, FL)
Simulation of Flows with Shocks, Turbulence, and/or Interfaces. This position is focused on a regularization technique that is applicable to flows with shocks, turbulence, and multi-phase flows. A PhD degree in mathematics, applied mathematics, or engineering areas with strong mathematics background is expected. Background in any areas of simulations using LES of compressible/incompressible flows or multiphase flows are desired.
Postdoctoral Associate 29310202 - MD-BIOLOGY OF AGING Main Campus (Gainesville, FL)
The Xiao Lab in the Department of Aging and Geriatric Research, Biology of Aging Division, is seeking qualified applicants to fill a Postdoctoral Associate position.
Postdoctoral Associate - Psychiatry 29120000 - MD-PSYCHIATRY Main Campus (Gainesville, FL), Alachua
The University of Florida College of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry has an opening for a Postdoctoral Associate to provide research at the University of Florida McKnight Brain Institute in Gainesville, Florida.
Post Doctoral Associate 19020000 - EG-MECHANICAL / AEROSPACE ENG Main Campus (Gainesville, FL)
Autonomous Aerial and/or Underwater Systems A research thrust of our group is in the area of aerial and underwater sensor networking in severe background flows. We have developed several generations of bioinspired autonomous micro aerial vehicles (MAVs) and underwater vehicles, their control and path planning, and collective behavior in strong background flows. This postdoc position could be focused on any of the aforementioned areas. A PhD degree in Robotics, Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, electrical Engineering or equivalent is expected. Strong theoretical background is expected and experience with real hardware and proficiency in debugging software and hardware systems is desired.
Post Doctoral Associate 19020000 - EG-MECHANICAL / AEROSPACE ENG Main Campus (Gainesville, FL)
Dimensionality Reduction for High Dimensional Systems This position is focused of structure preserving model reduction. The candidate should have a strong back ground in PDEs, numerical techniques, and differential geometry. A PhD degree in mathematics, or applied mathematics, or engineering areas with strong mathematics background is expected. The candidates should have a strong programming skill.
Postdoctoral Associate 32020000 - PH-PHARMACEUTICS Orange
Postdoctoral position available immediately at the Center for Pharmacometrics & Systems Pharmacology in the College of Pharmacy at the University of Florida. This position is based in the Medical City at Lake Nona in Orlando, FL, and focuses on translational research in oncology.
Postdoctoral Associate 28050000 - VM-PHY SCI Main Campus (Gainesville, FL)
The Department of Physiological Sciences at the University of Florida is looking for a motivated and independent person to join the laboratory of a newly established Principal Investigator.
Postdoctoral Associate 29091100 - MD-PEDS-GENETICS Main Campus (Gainesville, FL)
The Department of Pediatrics, Division of Genetics, is seeking a post-doctoral researcher to conduct research Identification and Characterization of Small Molecules for Lysosomal Storage Diseases.
Post-doctoral Scholar in Computational Astrophysics 16360100 - LS-PHYSICS-GENERAL Main Campus (Gainesville, FL)
The Department of Physics at the University of Florida invites applications for a postdoctoral associate to conduct research on topics related to supermassive black hole evolution, galaxy evolution, active galactic nuclei, and gravitational wave sources.
Postdoctoral Associate 57130306 - WH-LAB 6 St. Johns
The University of Florida, Whitney Laboratory for Marine Bioscience, Schnitzler Lab seeks a highly motivated postdoctoral associate to join a team focused broadly on stem-cell mediated tissue regeneration, and the evolution and development of cellular senescence in the colonial cnidarian Hydractinia using modern experimental and computational biology techniques.
Postdoctoral Associate 32020000 - PH-PHARMACEUTICS Main Campus (Gainesville, FL)
The Translational Drug Development (TDD) Core and the Department of Pharmaceutics in the College of Pharmacy at the University of Florida seek a highly motivated postdoctoral associate to work in the Core. The TDD Core is designed to provide expertise in bioanalytical drug metabolism, pharmacokinetics and early animal toxicity and efficacy studies.
Postdoctoral Associate 19340000 - EG-BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING Main Campus (Gainesville, FL)
Attributes of UF and Gainesville: The BME Department is housed in a state-of-the art building that is located in the medical school and steps from engineering. The University of Florida is one of only a few comprehensive universities, having medical, veterinary, dental, nursing, public health, and engineering disciplines all co-localized on the same, contiguous campus. UF is a highly collaborative environment that provides researchers with many opportunities for learning (e.g., top seminar programs, excellent core research facilities) and research collaborations. Gainesville is located in the northern region of Florida, within 1-1.5 hours of each coast, and just 1.5-2 hours to Orlando and Tampa. It is a small to medium-sized city with a low cost of living, excellent public and private schools, and southern hospitality. While Gainesville is widely recognized as the home of the Gators, it is quickly becoming known as a center for innovation and a place with a lifestyle that’s comfortable for families, yet attractive for young professionals. In 2013 the financial website NerdWallet deemed Gainesville the #1 fastest growing US city ( The J. Crayton Pruitt Family Department of Biomedical Engineering is one of only a few departments in the nation to be co-localized with a top-ranked medical school, veterinary school and dental school. The department is housed in a new state-of-the-art building (completed in 2010) that is co-located with the medical school and steps from engineering. Biomedical Engineering at UF partners with many local research centers and institutes including the McKnight Brain Institute, the Clinical and Translational Science Institute, the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory and the Malcom Randall VA Medical Center.
Postdoctoral Associate 33030000 - HP-OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY Main Campus (Gainesville, FL)
The Department of Occupational Therapy, College of Public Health and Health Professions at the University of Florida, invites applications for a full-time 12-month postdoctoral associate position. The postdoctoral associate will engage in multidisciplinary research with a focus on driving rehabilitation science in medically at risk populations through the lifespan.
Postdoctoral Associate 18380000 - ED-CTR EXCEL EARLY CHILD STUD Main Campus (Gainesville, FL)
The Anita Zucker Center for Excellence in Early Childhood Studies is a campus-wide interdisciplinary center located at the University of Florida, administratively housed in the College of Education. Major UF collaborators include the College of Education, College of Medicine and the Health Sciences Center, the College of Public Health and Health Professions, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, and the Office of Human Resource Services. The Center is seeking applications from those interested in a post-doctoral associate position.
Post Doc Associate 19030000 - EG-CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Main Campus (Gainesville, FL)
Duties of the Postdoctoral Associate will be to study the effects of mechanical cues on gene regulation in the context of cancer. Topics include identifying chromatin regulators that contribute to mechanical properties of the nucleus in normal and cancer cells. Skills desired include experience with molecular cell biology techniques like qPCR, RNA-seq and chromatin immunoprecipitation. Additional responsibilities including critically evaluating literature, maintaining up-to-date records in lab notebooks, analyzing data and preparing manuscripts. The research involves an interdisciplinary highly collaborative environment working with other postdocs and graduate students.
Post Doctoral Associate 16360100 - LS-PHYSICS-GENERAL Main Campus (Gainesville, FL)
The Experimental Astrophysics group at the University of Florida invites applications for up to three full-time postdoctoral associate positions in ALPS, LIGO and LISA.
Post Doctoral Associate - Department of Astronomy 16060000 - LS-ASTRONOMY Main Campus (Gainesville, FL)
The University of Florida (UF) Department of Astronomy invites applications for a Postdoctoral Scholar in astrophysics, who will be appointed with the title of Postdoctoral Associate. The successful candidate will be expected to carry out original research independently and/or in collaboration with UF faculty. The field of study is open to observational and theoretical astrophysics, as well as instrumentation. The scholar will have the ability to apply for access to the UF High Performance Computing Center, including the newly built HiPerGator2.0 research computing cluster: (, and observational facilities including the Gran Telescopio Canarias and the UF 50-inch automatic telescope with an extremely high precision optical Doppler spectrograph.

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